Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Business vehicles need insurance coverage just like personal cars. If you use vehicles in the operation of your business, then you need commercial auto insurance. You cannot cover your business vehicles with your personal auto insurance. You need a policy specifically for business vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance is for business owners who have more than one vehicle as part of their business. You might also hear this coverage referred to as commercial vehicle insurance, fleet insurance or commercial car insurance. What it is called depends on the insurance agency.

All states require people to have auto insurance, and that applies to business vehicles. Business owners need commercial auto insurance because it provides coverage beyond that provided by traditional auto insurance. Basically, the commercial auto policy covers more vehicles and provides higher amounts of coverage.

Commercial vehicles deal with situations not covered by regular auto insurance policies. Vehicles used for transporting products or services require higher amounts of liability as well as coverage to cover the vehicles in use. This is also necessary for situations in which drivers carry loads of equipment for the business. This coverage provides assistance if the business vehicles are damaged, if an employee requires medical attention following an accident or if they are involved in a lawsuit that involves an incident with a business vehicle.

The policy you need depends on your industry, the number of vehicles you have, and the number of employees. Liability, collision, and comprehensive are most important. Then you can get medical payment, no fault insurance, and uninsured motorist coverage.