Earthquake Insurance

All about Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance can help you recover following an earthquake. It is not part of traditional homeowner�s insurance. This means you must add earthquake coverage or purchase a separate policy. This coverage helps pay for repairs to your home when damage is caused by an earthquake.
The policy might also cover things related to the earthquake. For example, mudslides, tremors, and sinkholes often are included in the plan. In any case, coverage pays for damages to your home, your possessions, and additional living expenses incurred while waiting for your home to be repaired.
If you live in an earthquake zone, then you probably want to get his coverage. Areas such as California have earthquakes quite often. They also have mudslides and sinkholes that occur more often than in other locations. It is worth the expense to have coverage if you live in this area.

How it works

Remember, earthquake insurance is not included with traditional homeowner�s insurance coverage. If you have coverage, when an earthquake or landslide occurs, you can file an insurance claim. Your insurance company will then proceed to provide the financial assistance that you need. When purchasing this type of insurance, it is important to know exactly what is covered. Speak with an insurance agent for more information.