Event Insurance

Why You Need Event Insurance

Every person has an internal image of how they want a special event to occur. Your guests are enjoying themselves, the weather is perfect, and the food is delicious. What you don�t expect is for this flawless picture to be spoiled by an unforeseen disaster. However, the truth is that a good deal of things can go wrong such as a trip and fall, broken dishes, spilled drinks, or severe weather that cancels the event.

While there is no way to prevent any of this from happening, event insurance can make it a lot easier to handle whatever comes your way. Event Insurance is a type of business insurance developed for circumstances where an event holder or concession operator may have to defend themselves against lawsuits or compensate for third party bodily injury or property damage.

Key Benefits Of Event Insurance

– Reduction or elimination of the risk of encountering an unexpected major expense.

– Available funds to address the costs of any liability claims brought against you.

– Increased trust-worthiness for business owners in responsibly handling special occasions and whatever arises from them.

Types Of Coverage Available

– General Liability Insurance

– Protection against claims related to the physical injury of others, and destruction of property at the rented premises caused by staff of the insured.

– Frequently, venues will only allow a rental to occur if there is an event insurance policy with a million-dollar minimum in coverage and they also expect to be listed on the policy.

– Liquor Liability Insurance

– Safeguards against incidents of bodily harm resulting from a guest who was supplied alcohol at a gathering hosted by a company or an individual. It also includes damage to the rented establishment resulting from the alcohol served at the affair.

– This insurance is for hosting an event that serves alcohol but not meant for individuals that operate a business to distribute, sell, manufacture alcohol.

– Cancellation Insurance

– Employed in instances where adverse weather or loss of vendors causes the cancellation of an event.

– This compensates for lost deposits and expenses that were paid ahead of time.

– Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability Insurance

– Protection for costs occurring from the wreckage to vehicles that were rented for use at the event and impairment to a third party caused by the rented vehicle.

All planned gatherings or formals should accomplish their purpose whether that be charitable, educational, or sociable. Securing event insurance will safeguard the hard work that you put into making your event a success.