Inland Marine Insurance

The Basics of Inland Marine Insurance

If you’re interested in obtaining insurance coverage for business property that you frequently transport, you should consider obtaining an inland marine insurance policy. This form of insurance is designed to help protect property that is used for transportation, movable, or utilized for communication purposes. It is often used to bridge coverage gaps for property that is not insured by a general business owner’s policy.

Inland marine insurance is for anyone who uses the types of properties listed above. If you have a policy that provides this type of coverage, you may file a claim if your property appears to have sustained damage resulting from a covered loss. By filing a claim, you have started the first step of the process for being indemnified. In simple terms, to indemnify is to “make whole again”, and it is the goal of almost all insurance policies. Once your claim is filed, you can expect an adjuster to contact you to inspect the loss. Generally, adjusters attempt to inspect a loss within 7 days of the claim being filed.

There are many forms of inland marine insurance available on the market, and they differ based on the types of property covered, the deductible amount, the premium amount, and whether or not there is co-insurance involved. By speaking with a licensed insurance agent, you can learn much more about the types of coverage available and how to obtain a policy that works for your situation.

The major benefit of having an inland marine insurance policy is that you are financially protected whenever your property is damaged by a covered loss. By having your insurance company pick up the bill for damages, you may be able to save yourself a substantial amount of time and money by not trying to handle the situation without assistance.