Long-Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance for All Ages

Long term care insurance is specifically for long term care expenses. It is generally not covered by a regular health insurance plan. People who need this coverage are those who can no longer perform simple daily living chores without help. This person can be any age � young or old. The care might take place in the person�s home, in a hospital, or in a nursing home. This coverage helps pay for the necessary living assistance.

The Need for Extended Care

This insurance is available to anyone who cannot live independently and require long-term medical care. This care can come from a home health aide or nursing home. Many people who use this coverage are elderly and retired, and lack the income to pay for their care. However, younger people can also be in a position where they need this type of coverage. It could be an infant, teenager, or young adult. Anyone who needs help to perform basic tasks such as walking, bathing and getting out of bed can benefit from this coverage. Some long-term care providers even act as companions to those who are housebound.

The Policy

You might not qualify for long term care insurance unless you can prove you are in need. Your ability to get this coverage depends on your inability to perform certain activities. The insurance companies refer to these activities as Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The basic tasks include showering, eating, dressing, moving on your own and going to the bathroom. If you are unable to do at least one of these things without help, then you are likely eligible for long term care insurance.