Professional Liability

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance or business insurance is coverage that every business should consider getting. It is not a requirement in most cases, but it is wise for a business owner to think about purchasing this type of coverage. It protects the establishment from some of the legal claims that customers and employees can put on a business for situations such as:

Slip-And-Fall Incidents

A slip-and-fall incident is an accident where a person falls, slips or trips inside of a business establishment and gets an injury. The business can be liable for such an incident in certain circumstances. Professional liability can protect a business from the financial repercussions of such an incident.

Product Liability Issues

Certain businesses could fall victim to product liability issues. Products become a liability when they cause customers harm because of neglect on the part of the manufacturer. However, a business can be subject to a financial claim if they use the products on their clients, and something happens to the clients.

Defamation of Character

A liability policy can come in handy in a situation where someone claims defamation of character, as well. A business could unknowingly misuse some photos that the company takes of a consumer, and that person can file a claim. Liability policies can cover such things.

The way the coverage works is similar to other types of coverage. The insured party must pay a premium every month to keep coverage. If something happens, the insured person must contact the insurance company to file a claim. This insurance can cover the cost of attorney’s fees, and it can provide the other party with the resolution that he or she seeks to receive from it. There may or may not be a deductible involved with the policy. A deductible is an amount of money that the covered party must pay before the insurance company pays any benefits. This amount may vary.

The benefit of having this type of insurance is that it can protect a business from taking a huge financial hit. It can save the day when people try to put in claims against a company.