Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance Helps Protect Tenants

Property insurance is not just for people who own houses. Renters can benefit from insurance as well. Renters insurance is coverage for people who rent their place of residence. If you think your landlord�s coverage protects your personal belongings, then you are wrong. Your personal belongings are your responsibility, and you need renter�s coverage if you want to protect yourself.

Renters insurance protects you and your personal property when you rent from others. It is not the same as homeowner�s insurance. Renter�s coverage does not protect the land or building, but it only covers the personal property you own.

This coverage will pay to replace any of your belongings that are damaged or stolen. Coverage will also pay for you to stay elsewhere if your home is in need of major repairs.

You may think your belongings are not valuable. But it still takes money to replace them. The amount the insurance pays depends on your policy. Your policy might provide replacement value or it might provide actual cash value or depreciated value. Before purchasing your insurance, make sure to find out how reimbursement is issued.

In addition to paying for your personal property, renter insurance provides liability insurance. This is necessary in case someone sues you for damages suffered on your property. Renters insurance is cheaper than most other types of insurance, so you can probably find something within your budget.