Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farming is one of the most important occupations in the American economy. Farming supplies the nation with a variety of products that we eat and wear every day. The supply chain in farming is extensive, and many people depend on farming for their livelihood. Anything that disrupts this activity can harm your farming operations, put people out of work, and possibly shut down your farm. You need to have farm insurance to protect your farming business and your home from events that are out of your control.

Farm insurance provides you with a comprehensive package of liability and property coverage to financially protect your home and business from the inherent risks of farming. Some of these risks include:

� Bad weather � This can harm your property, crops, livestock, and farm structures.
� Farm equipment � When farm equipment like tractors and combines breakdown, it makes it more difficult to conduct farming activities.
� Pollution – When pesticides and fertilizers are not properly stored, this can contaminate your property and the property of neighboring farms.
� Business activity � When you provide a service to others, things can happen that can disrupt the service you provide that can cause you to lose income.

Every farm is different, so there isn’t a standard farm insurance policy. This means that you can customize your insurance policy to the specific needs of your farm. A basic policy will include dwelling coverage to protect your home and farm liability coverage. Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured on your property, and it protects you if your farming operations cause damage to a neighboring property. Some additional coverage options include workers� compensation, commercial auto insurance, loss of business income coverage, farm structure coverage, and equipment coverage.

You need to talk to someone from our agency so that they can put together a policy that meets the needs of your home and farming operations. Our insurance agents can also help you adjust your policy as you grow your farming operations and add more coverage if needed.