Golf Cart Insurance

Considering Golf Kart Insurance for Your Business?

If you run a business that uses golf karts regularly, such as a country club with a golf course, it is important to consider acquiring insurance for these vehicles. Commercial auto insurance policies are available that provide coverage for a wide range of potential losses. Types of coverage include:

• Guest passenger liability
• Bodily injury liability
• Property damage liability
• Medical payments
• Uninsured motorist
• Collision
• Comprehensive

When a business owner purchases a golf kart insurance policy, it works in the following way. The owner pays premiums, often monthly, to stay insured. If an accident occurs, the owner contacts the insurance company and files a claim. A claim representative, often an adjuster, will inspect the damages (if necessary). A settlement check, or multiple checks, will be provided to the owner or other affected parties if the loss that occurred is covered under the policy.

As you can see above, there are many types of coverage in existence, and the primary factor that affects which types of coverage are available on the market is the amount of money the business owner is willing to spend. Acquiring coverage for collision, as an example, is generally much more expensive than obtaining just guest passenger liability.

Accidents happen, and sometimes the ramifications can be costly. The major benefit of being insured with a commercial auto policy is having the insurance company foot the bill if a loss occurs. For example, if there is an accident on a golf course and those involved are seriously injured, you might be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars if not insured.

Instead of being in a position where he or she could be unable to pay the bills, get sued, and potentially even go bankrupt, business owners should thoughtfully consider if golf kart insurance is right for them. The nature of accidents is that they are unexpected, but with the proper insurance policy, business owners can have peace of mind that they’ll be taken care of if something goes wrong.