Motorcycle Insurance

What You Need to Know about Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is recommended for anyone who owns a motorcycle. It is not a good idea to drive your motorcycle on public roads unless you have coverage. This insurance offers financial protection in a number of cases, including when you are in an accident or your vehicle is stolen. Standard coverage for motorcycles includes costs for damages to the bike. It also offers compensation if you cause harm to others or their property.

Motorcycle polices are highly customizable. Your policy can practically include what you find most useful. You will probably want full replacement of the motorcycle in case it is totaled.
Medical payments help if you need medical treatment or time in the hospital. There is comprehensive coverage to pay for damages or loss that occurs for reasons other than collision.
You can also add coverage for damage to equipment, and underinsured/uninsured coverage for when you are hit by someone without insurance.

Remember that liability does not pay your expenses. If you cause an accident and harm someone else, then liability will pay on your behalf. But if you are in an accident caused by someone else, you will not receive compensation unless you have uninsured driver coverage.

When an incident occurs, you have to file a claim with the insurance company. They will pay a portion of your expenses after you pay the deductible. If anything remains, then you are responsible for that portion.

All motorcycle owners should have motorcycle insurance. Speak with an insurance agent if you are currently uninsured.